DHEA Benefits For Osteoporosis Treatments

DHEA plays a key role in the treatment of osteoporosis because of it’s role in the body’s production of estogene hormones.

Using DHEA, natural remedies like herbal adaptogens and homeopathic treatments for osteoporosis are not new. Basic information and understanding of the reason why osteoporosis occurs, can be extremely vital for its treatment, and what type of treatment you choose.

Being a precursor to estrogen, DHEA is often referred to as a means to increase estrogen levels and in that way helping the body fight osteoporosis. But there are also patients who get the advice to treat their Orteoporosis with hormone replacement theraphy, using estrogen supplements or estrogen patches.

Some facts about estrogen and osteoporosis:

  • Taking estrogen increases a woman’s levels of the hormone estrogen after menopause.
  • Estrogen slows bone thinning and causes some increase in bone thickness.
  • Estrogen is used to prevent osteoporosis in women after menopause.
  • It may also be used to slow bone loss in women who have osteoporosis.
  • Estrogen has been shown to prevent bone loss and lower the risk of hip fractures in postmenopausal women.

The Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) study linked the use of estrogen to an increase in a woman’s risk of stroke. Many experts recommend that long-term estrogen replacement therapy (ERT) only be considered for women with a significant risk for osteoporosis that outweighs the risks of taking hormone replacement treatment (HRT).
To learn more about this study, see WHI: Risks and benefits of taking ERT.

The DHEA / osteoporosis connection
Both testosterone and estrogen hormones are produced with the assistance of the steroid hormone DHEA. DHEA is produced mainly in the adrenal glands. Enzymes which are present in bone cells have the ability to transform these adrenal steroid hormones into estrogen. The strong relation between DHEA and the treatment of osteoporosis is quite clear and that is the reason why some studies show that patients with low DHEA levels are more prone to have osteoporosis.

DHEA for Osteoporosis treatment
As we have discussed, estrogen supplements is often prescribed for osteoporosis in women, but as a precursor for estrogen, there are cases where DHEA supplements can also be considered.

Generally with age, the level of proinflammatory cytokines increase, which has a co-relation with osteoporosis, and in that scenario, doses of DHEA supplements can significantly decrease or reverse the increasing levels of proinflammatory cytokines in the body.

On the other hand, the effictiveness of DHEA supplements on cytokines which is produced by the bone cells is still the subject of research, so no rigid supplementation should be considered without the consultation of a medical doctor.

Still, with the current documentation, the role DHEA plays in both estrogen production and osteoporosis symptoms, we expect to hear more interesting news on DHEA and osteoporosis in the future.

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DHEA Benefits For Stress Reduction

DHEA and the adrenal glands play a major role in how we respond to stress. If you have a history of stress, and are tired and worn out, adrenal fatigue and low DHEA levels may be at the heart of your problem.

The adrenal glands produce stress hormones, like cortisol and adrenalin. When the stress hormone “button” stays on for too long, it will wear out the adrenal glands, and their ability to produce DHEA is reduced.

This is how the adrenal fatigue/ DHEA relationship works in a nutshell. In reality it is more complex, and many other factors are involved. But in essence, too much stress over time can reduce your DHEA levels, and this will impact your overall health and vitality. The key to recovery is to strenghten the adrenals and at the same time identify and reduce your primary stressors.

Taking DHEA supplements may also be relevant, but should always be done in discussion with a doctor with experience on dosage and how this affects your hormone balance.

DHEA and inflammation
The low, high and fluctuating levels of DHEA are related to your levels of stress. Many studies have shown correalation between low DHEA levels and illness, chronic inflammation, depression, and fatigue syndrome. The question is if the diseases develope because of low DHEA levels, or if low DHEA levels come as a result of the illness. Probably both varieties can be true. It depends your individual history of stress, and also some hereditary factors.

DHEA and Jing
In chinese medicine, they believe that the average sum of vitality (Jing-essence) of your parents, is the starting point of your own vitality and adrenal strenght at birth. One of the world authorities on adrenal fatigue, Dr. Joe Wilson has discussed this in his lectures and is always considering the parents adrenal health when treating children with low DHEA levels and adrenal fatigue.

DHEA, cortisol and testosterone
Busy lifestyle, less physical activity and low metabolism are all related to declining levels of DHEA hormone and that is the reason why people feel exhausted and face stress related health problems. These health conditions all cause increased levels of cortisol which start the domino process with low DHEA levels and further down low levels of other hormones like testosterone, estrogen and androstenedione as well.

Clinical Studies On DHEA and Stress
DHEA research for stress reduction and depression at the National Center of Post Traumatic Disorder discovered that DHEA-S hormone have the ability to improve memory, brain cells and it can also be used to reduce the level of chronic depression which further help the patient to reduce stress.

After years of research on stress reduction by DHEA hormone supplements, or adrenal glands protocols to increase DHEA naturally, it is clear that high DHEA levels will make it easier to handle stress and to treat disease and imbalance that comes from stress.

Also,  increasing the levels of DHEA sulfate can significantly improve the low level of DHEA in the body and brain, which further help you to reduce the overall stress levels of the body.

DHEA supplements, Do or Do not?
There are some reports  indicating that high levels of DHEA by supplements instantly helps the patient to reduce stress level in his/her body by improving energy levels and mental clarity.

With all the benefits reported from DHEA to reduce and handle stress, is can be tempting to just jump right in and take hogh doses of DHEA supplements. But there are risks of side effects if the dosage gets too high. This factor is also very individual, so it is always recommended to seek medical help and advice from a licensed physician or doctor who is a specialist of DHEA supplements.

DHEA protocols
Even though stress reduction can also be achieved with other natural ways such as yoga, physical workout and aerobic exercises, clinical experience indicate taking DHEA supplements or increasing your DHEA levels by adaptogens or similar natural protocols for the adrenal glands can dramatically improve your ability to handle stress. This calls for DHEA in whatever form or protocol as a key component in stress reduction treatment. However, medical advice from the doctor is always recommended to avoid unnecessary health risks.

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DHEA Benefits For Improved Immunity

DHEA and immunity levels have a strong relation because when the DHEA levels goes down or up, it strongly affects the hormonal balance of the human body. DHEA, or dihydroepiandrosterone, is a hormone produced in the adrenal glands, which sit atop the kidneys and secrete a variety of hormones, including adrenalin and cortisol.

Peak levels of DHEA in the body is between the ages of 20 and 30 and then decrease progressively with age. This may be one of the reasons that immunity strength in older people is often on the lower side.

DHEA and adaptogens
However, recent research and clinical experience also indicates that natural DHEA stimulating supplements produced with herbal extracts/ adaptogens can significantly improve the immunity level in both men and women irrespective of their age. The use of adaptogen herbs is widely known from chinese medicine, where this way of stimulating “Jing” energy has been used for thousands of years.

DHEA Supplements for Immunity Improvement
According to a recently conducted research study on rats and rabbits, it was discovered that increased levels of DHEA can significantly reduce the level and severity of acute infection in rats, which are known as Trypanosoma cruzi.

This indicates that DHEA may play a significant role in how strong and effective the immune system is. DHEA is not only relevant for hormonal health, but may be an indicator for overall health, vitality and immune system strenght.

After decades of research on the subject of DHEA’s benefits for improving the immune system, many scientists now regard high DHEA levels as an “insurance” in the body’s ability to defend against many health conditions such as, viral fever, bacterial infections and parasitic pathogens.

Natural DHEA stimulation
A relevant question is how a high immune system can be maintained in relation to DHEA. DHEA supplementation can be an option, but to avoid any imbalance in the body’s hormone system and natural DHEA producing factors, it may be a safer bet to stimulate DHEA levels by using herbal adaptogens or other types of treatments that stimulate the arenal glands.

Science is also looking into the benefits of naturally high DHEA levels or supplementing with DHEA to treat depression, systemic lupus disease and adrenal fatigue. Interestingly enough, all these health issues and conditions are co-related to immunity strength of the body, which we already know can be nourished and supplemented by high DHEA levels.

The jury is still out
Even though DHEA can be consumed as a prescribed medication or supplement by a licensed physician or doctor for improving immunity, the jury is still out on any conclusions regarding DHEA and immunity. This calls for prudence in the use of high dosage DHEA supplements for your immune system.

However, there is no doubth that healthy hormone levels can support good immune function, and any natural way to stimulate this, be it DHEA herbal adaptogen supplements or lifestyle change, is considered safe and good for you. In cases of chronic illness though, it is always best to consult your doctor before trying a new regime, natural or not.

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DHEA for Alzheimer’s disease treatment


DHEA may be relevant in the treatment for Alzheimer’s disease. the relationship between DHEA and cortisol levels may prove to be a key in understanding what is causing Alzheimer’s and how to treat it.

In 1906 Alois Alzheimer was the first person who described Alzheimer’s disease for the first time and then it was named after his research and analyses. Alzheimer’s disease is often diagnosed by evidence of plaques and reduced brain size, although patients with this disease also have higher levels of cortisol and imbalanced cortisol/DHEA ratios, according to “Professional Guide to Diseases.”

DHEA and Alzheimer studies
According to a recently conducted medical science research in UK, It was discovered that people who are having low level of DHEA sulfate in their body are prone to have Alzheimer’s disease, so that shows that the lower or higher level of DHEA hormone in human body has a strong relation with brain disorder related health conditions like Alzheimer’s disease.

There are hundreds of researches being conducted on the subject of health benefits of DHEA supplements for Alzheimer’s disease because there have been cases and reports that shows that DHEA can be beneficial for Alzheimer’s disease in both men and women. However, this claim is not yet fully medically proven and more scientific evidence is required before any conclusion can be made.

DHEA And Alzheimer’s Disease Treatment
DHEA is considered a supplement which helps the brain to nourish itself for the production of new brain cells and it also improves the overall function of our brain as well.

The treatment of Alzheimer’s disease with DHEA supplements involves the increasing amyloid precursor protein which is the reason behind increased rate of brain cell production and which may be relevant in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.

Medical facts explains that 80% of the DHEA hormone production is originated from adrenal glands and the remaining 20% is completed in the brain. This also indicates a strong relationship between DHEA and the brain, which only strenghtens the relevance of DHEA when it comes to Alzheimers disease and the treatment for it.

DHEA supplements for Alzheimer’s disease
Studies looking into the effects of DHEA supplements on the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease have been inconclusive or have showed little change.

For example, looking at the first randomized, double-blind trial of DHEA for Alzheimer’s disease, published in a 2003 edition of “Neurology,” it concluded that six months of DHEA supplements had no effect on Alzheimer’s patients.

Almost 60 patients, given 100 mg of DHEA daily for six months, were tested for cognitive functioning and rated by physicians on any changes. DHEA did not significantly improve cognitive performance or ratings of disease severity. Some changes and improvements were noted, but when all data was added up, the summary did not conclude that DHEA could reverse the disease.

With so many individual factors and varieties in Alzheimers symptoms, one should always consider individual DHEA levels and also causal factors.

Other researchers believe that longer and larger studies are necessary to get a more precise picture of the DHEA/cortisol/alzheimers relationship.  Higher dosages of DHEA is also mentioned as a way to elaborate the study and test these findings further.

Because cortisol and DHEA is part of the HPA axis and includes the adrenal glands, it could also be relevant to look at the overall health of the adrenal glands in Alzheimer’s patients, and consider strengthening the adrenal glands as a way to balance the hormone balance in the body.

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DHEA Benefits For Heart Disease

There may be a strong connection between heart disease and your DHEA levels. There are many types of steroid hormones produced in the body and just like every other steroid hormones, DHEA is also produced in the body as a synthesized process from pregnenolone which is produced from cholesterol in our body.

On the other hand, DHEA is primarily produced or made in the adrenal gland which is about 80% of the overall DHEA production and the remaining 20% is produced in the brain.

One of the key functions of DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosteron) in the human body is that it a precursor or transforms to other steroid hormones such as testosterone, estrogen and androstenedione. This makes it one of the most important steroid hormoes on the body, and the reason why DHEA is often referred to as the “mother-hormone”.

Relation between DHEA & Heart
According to medical science, almost every other hormone have their own roles to play for cardiovascular functions of heart in human body, but DHEA has the most important role assigned for the cardiovascular biological functions which is responsible for the regulation of blood sugar levels.

According to a recent Japanese study, modest DHEA supplement consumption every day can significantly affect and improve cardiovascular functions by reducing the blood sugar level, and the study also indicated that DHEA may help diabetes patients tremendously for balancing their insulin level.

DHEA and Insulin Sensitivity
There are conflicting reports in the medical literature on the subject of DHEA and insulin sensitivity. A DHEA dose of 50 mg/day was effective in some previous studies but not in others. Even the huge dose of 1600 mg/day (64 times higher than in the study reported above) used in some earlier studies showed no effect on insulin sensitivity.

There are many possible reasons for these variations, among which are differences in the average age and health status of the test subjects in the study. Some studies used much younger subjects, whose DHEA levels may not have been low enough to begin with to have responded positively to DHEA supplementation during the study.

Furthermore, the subjects in the current study were all mildly hypercholesterolemic, and it may turn out that blood glucose levels respond particularly favorably to DHEA in this population. The authors acknowledge that research is needed on other groups of subjects, such as men with normal cholesterol levels, to shed more light on the matter.

Regardless, the fact that 25 mg/day of DHEA seems to improve insulin sensitivity in middle-aged men with elevated cholesterol levels is exciting and gratifying. This indicates that DHEA supplements may be relevant and also calls for increased focus on how we can maintain or stimulate our hormonal balance through herbal or alternative treatment and stimulation.

DHEA levels and age
Hundreds of past research analysis based on DHEA’s benefits for heart related diseases revealed that when the level of DHEA in human body goes down the chances of heart related diseases such as coronary artery diseases also increases by 60% which is extremely severe for both and men who are suffering with type 2 diabetes.

So as we mentioned above that the decreasing level of DHEA in body with age is a major concern for increasing heart related diseases and in that scenario, DHEA supplements which are produced with naturally grown wild yam extracts can be extremely valuable, because daily consumption of balanced DHEA supplements doses helps us to regenerate and produce DHEA hormone and other related steroid hormones in our body, which further helps our heart’s health.

DHEA in the adrenal glands
Like all the other steroid hormones, DHEA is synthesized in the body from pregnenolone, which is synthesized from cholesterol. DHEA is made primarily in the adrenal glands (which also produce about 150 other hormones) and released into the blood. In different organs it is converted into a variety of more commonly known steroid hormones, including androstenedione, testosterone, and estrogen.

Although there are still more scientific research and experiments required to conclude any significant benefits of DHEA for heart related diseases, biological research agencies are already optimistic. In the near future, DHEA supplementation may be recommended for the treatment of many heart related diseases. Also worth looking into is how one can stimulate the body’s natural production of DHEA, and how adaptogen herbal tonics may stimulate the adrenal glands.

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