DHEA Benefits

DHEA has for a long time been considered the lngevity hormone. Whether you are aiming for supplementing with DHEA supplements directly or using herbal adaptogens to increase your natural DHEA levels, the very welcome result can be to experience increased vitality and energy.

There have been thousands of medical tests and researches consulted on the effectiveness and health benefits of DHEA supplements for both men and women.

Despite the fact that there are possible side effects of DHEA and proven health risk issues involved with it, still the value of DHEA supplements cannot be neglected as it is currently used for the treatment of some severe diseases such as depression, diabetes, adrenal infections and lupus disease. That indicate that, there are many health benefits of DHEA supplements and in this article we will shed some light on these proven health benefits of DHEA. Give below are some of them.

Adrenal insufficiency
Adrenal insufficiency is the major factor involved with various health conditions people suffer with in modern lifestyle. People with decreased adrenal functionality are prone to have health issue like fatigue, stress, low exercising capacity, low sex drive and fluctuating hormone levels as well.

In that situation, several medical researches indicate that the consumption of DHEA supplements can significantly improve people’s health, quality of lifestyle, workout capacity, body energy level and sexual vitality as well. So that clearly suggests that DHEA supplements have many valuable health benefits, if they are consumed in a proper way under a doctor’s prescription and advice.

Also, it will be worth to consider what stress factors are causing your adrenals to overload. If your system is stressed by chronic infections, for example in the gut or from badly prepared root canals, only supplementing with DHEA will not be a permanent solutions to your energy- and adrenal problems. Getting specific health advice from a doctor or holistic therapist on understanding what is causing the problem and dealing with it, can be the best companion to supplementing with DHEA or taking herbal adaptogens to increase your natural DHEA levels.

Use of DHEA supplement doses for the treatment of bipolar depression is not totally new. Physiologists and mental health specialist physicians have been prescribing DHEA as a treatment medication for severe depression and there are successful cases being reported as well. Even though results are satisfactory, but still further medical research is required to confirm these claims as a health benefit of DHEA.

Obesity Or Weight Loss
During the early days of the launch of DHEA supplements, it was initially launched as a super food steroid for quick weight loss solution, but later on when it was unapproved and categorized as a steroid drug, the value of DHEA supplement for obesity and weight loss treatment came into the scanner. Even though there have been cases where significant improvement is noticed after the consumption of DHEA supplements for weight loss, but still there are researches currently being conducted to medically prove it.

When you search online for DHEA supplements, you will notice that some of them are natural herbal supplements, designed to stimulate your natural DHEA production. All supplements are not equal it seems. When it comes to supplementing with DHEA, one should consider dosage and form, but when using adaptogens it is a different story and because you are stimulating a natural process, you can be more generous with the supplementation and there are fewer risks of side effects. Take a look at our section for DHEA supplements to learn more about the different options.

Lupus Disease Treatment
DHEA is a proven medication for the successful treatment of Lupus disease, and it is widely used as an adjunct treatment for lupus disease. However, FDA suggest that there is still more information and researches are required for proven results.

Cancer Treatment
At the moment there are hundreds of researches going on for the use of DHEA in the treatment of different types of cancer, specially ovarian, breast cancer in women and prostate cancer in men as well. There are significant improvement seen in patients suffering with cervical cancer, but still it require more clinical data and analysis to publish and data related to the success of DHEA supplements for cancer treatment.

Stress Reduction & Chronic fatigue syndrome
After the claims of many private pharmaceutical companies regarding the health benefit of DHEA supplement for stress reduction and chronic fatigue syndrome, still the scientific evidence are suggesting that the effect of DHEA supplement is not quit effecient to lift up the energy level of our body or to significantly improve chronic fatigues condition.

However, this does not mean that DHEA cannot play a role in recovering from CFS and burnout syndromes like adrenal fatigue or M.E. Clinical experience points to a holistic approach where you give your adrenals a break by identifying and reducing  the major stressors, while at the same time use beneficial factors like whole food nutrition, proper sleep, herbal adaptogens in combination with DHEA supplements.

The key is eliminating stress factors while at the same time stimulating your body’s ability to handle stress.

Vibrant health is within reach. DHEA can play a role in it. Which role it will play depends on what is causing your stress in the first place.

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