DHEA benefits for Brain’s Health

DHEA may be central to your brain health. Research shows that the growth and health of human brain is in large part related to the production of new brain cells which is based on the DHEA hormone levels in the body.

Following these facts it is clear that high DHEA levels are beneficial to brain health, either by DHEA supplements directly or by stimulating your natural DHEA and hormone production with other factors.

Connection between Brain & DHEA hormone
In a recently conducted study, it was discovered that the supplementation of DHEA to human neural stem cells can remarkably increase the growth rate of new brain cells. The study was completed and published by the National Academy of Sciences.

Many researchers still think of DHEA as a substance exclusively produced by the adrenal glands, but experiments show that animals without adrenals are able to produce DHEA  in normal amounts. Much of it is formed in the brain (from pregnenolone), but it is probably produced in other organs, including the skin. The brain contains a much higher concentration of DHEA than the blood does.

DHEA produced in the brain
As about 20% of the entire DHEA hormone production is originated from the brain, so it is naturally related to brain’s health. DHEA hormones, if consumed in a form of supplements can significantly increase the brain cells division which further helps our brain to increase the number of neurons made by the stem cells. If you want to take your brain health to the next level, you may want to consider DHEA supplements or stimulating your natural DHEA levels by herbal supplements.

The reason why your natural level of DHEA decrease after the age of 20 to 25, and in older people, it may decrease as much as 80% after the age of 60-70. In this scenario taking DHEA supplements may improve the production system of new brain cells and enhance and improve our brain’s health and overall vitality and health as well.

DHEA and Alzheimers
Many health conditions related to brain disorders or malfunction, such as depression, emotional changes, bad memory and Alzheimer’s diseases, may be related to low DHEA levels. Even if this is caused by old age, it may still be corrected and reversed by DHEA supplements. If your DHEA levels are low because of adrenal fatigue, the solution may be to identify and eliminate the causing factors and strengthen the adrenals by adaptogenic herbs or other relevant treatment protocols.

According to research published by the National Academy of Sciences, DHEA benefits for brain’s health explains that the effects and impact on brain cells is an absolutely new discovery and finding. Increased focus on chronic depression and Alzheimers disease and how DHEA is linked to this will be a focus in more studies in the time to come.

We highly recommend and advise you to seek your doctor’s advise if you are intending to take any type of DHEA supplements. The side effects can be harmful if you take too high amounts of DHEA hormones and you should be certain that DHEA supplements is the correct treatment for your symptoms before you start any treatment protocol.

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